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The Neato XV-21 robot vacuum cleaner is designed with pet owners in mind. It lifts dirt from all flooring types, including wood, tile and low pile carpeting. It boasts powerful suction and a methodical back and forth cleaning pattern that ensures that it does not miss a spot. A combination bristle and blade brush prevents tangles from occurring and improves its ability to remove clingy pet hair.

This cleaner is equipped with pet and allergy filters that help contain fine dust particles and allergens. Its filter retains three times the dust that standard filters do. Although this machine’s filters are better than standard filters, we prefer cleaners with HEPA filtration.

This robotic vacuum cleaner has scheduled cleaning which allows you to preset the times you want your robot to vacuum. You can program it to clean daily. It will even work while you are away. The Neato XV-21 comes with a charging station, and when the battery runs low it returns to its charging base. You can expect one hour of cleaning time per charge, which is not a long as the best robot vacuum cleaners run.

It comes with a boundary marker strip that the cleaner will not cross, so you can keep it from going places it is not supposed to go. The boundary markers consist of a magnetic rubber strip that you place on the floor. You will get one 6-foot boundary marker with your purchase. You can purchase additional markers on the company website. They are sold in 13 foot rolls. Keep in mind when using them, you will have brown rubber strips lying on the floor that are not visually appealing.

This cleaner does not have a remote control, so you will have to bend or stoop to use it. Its buttons and display screen are easy to read and the controls are clearly marked. If you don’t want to preset your cleaning times, you can just press the start button to activate it.

The Neato XV-21 vacuum cleaner has two built-in cliff sensors located on the front of the machine that keep it from falling down the stairs. You just have to make sure and keep the sensors clean so they operate.

This 4-inch tall cleaner will clean places an upright vacuum can’t, including under your bed. It weighs just over 8.6 pounds and measures 13 inches around. It has a square shape on one side allowing it to fit into corners.

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Summary:

With specific features for pet owners and allergy sufferers, this cleaner is worth considering. Although it doesn’t have HEPA filtration, it still offers quality filtration and a brush designed to remove stubborn pet hair. You can have clean floors without lifting a finger.


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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy

The Neato XV-21 has a brush designed for removing pet hair and a filter that removes allergens and dust.

The cleaner only operates for one hour before needing a recharge.

The Verdict
: 9.25/10

With its powerful suction motor, the Neato XV-21 lifts stubborn pet hair and dirt from flat surfaces and low pile carpeting. If you have pets, you will want to consider this machine.